Category: Musings

What is the point?

Everyone’s path in grief is different, and mine usually leads to feelings and thoughts of pointlessness. What point is there to create a career if the end point is death or worse suffering? What point is there to have goals, go to school, make friends, be healthy or stretch your comfort zone, if all things end in pain anyway? What is the point in doing anything?

Notes on Dancing

Last year I wrote a short blog post about my dance history and how starting lindy hop has ignited an ever-burning dance frenzy. At the start of my second summer as a swing dancer, I thought appropriate to write down some of my thoughts on dancing and the philosophy it entails. LESSON #1: Sometimes you […]

The Equality Manifesto

I recently read the intriguing book The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better by Richard G. Wilkinson and Kate E. Pickett. The book gave me new insights about quality of life, consumerism, trust and equality – or the lack of it. Why some countries differ in their levels of trust, mental […]

Eläinfilosofiasta – miksi olen vegaani

Onko oikeutta käyttää eläimiä tavoilla, joilla ihmisten kohdalla pidetään sopimattomana? Mietin tässä yksi päivä arvojani mussuttaessani Kismet-patukkaa, jonka olin ostanut hirveässä pikkunälässä kaupan viime-hetken-viettelys-hyllyltä. Kolmisen vuotta sitten ajauduin veganismin syrjäiselle, mutta alati kasvavalle, saarelle pitkälti läheisten ystävieni vanavedessä. Vegaaninen identiteettini vahvistui jokaisen luetun kirjan, artikkelin ja tutkimuksen myötä. Kun isäni joutui äkkinäiseen avosydänleikkaukseen tukkiutuneen verisuonen […]

What the froth has taught me.

How I learned that making mistakes is the way to success. Creating just the right kind of froth for a coffee is a strenuous thing. It takes hours upon hours and numerous painstaking trials to learn how to make a cappuccino froth with just the right thickness, gloss and warmth. Then you’ve got to learn […]