Flower Power

This project was created from the idea of taking the studio to nature and not the other way around. These different portraits of flowers were also made to celebrate nature’s beauty not by cutting and placing them inside, but by cherishing them in their natural form.

Different colour backdrops were installed to emphasize different personalities emanating from each flower. I wanted to treat these flowers like individuals giving them the pedestal, offering them colour and attention – as they often gift us with these same attributes.

My photography journey has evolved more around stills than photoshoots or street photography. Shooting in nature is a beautiful merge of still photography with an element of the unknown. This project made a small leap into more structured and choreographed work while managing to keep a hefty amount of spontaneous creativity.

Flower Power also has a poetic side to it, as was noted by a friend. By leaving the portrayed flowers unharmed and intact in the wild, the pictures gain more depth. Each flower has its story and these frames have captured a snippet of them. By leaving them to grow onwards, the pictures offer questions: have they been picked up into a bunch? have they been unluckily squashed under a wanderer’s boot? or have they been left to grow wild, obscured, peaceful in the midst of a quiet forest?

Special thanks to my faithful assistant El Dopa.

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